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We are thrilled to announce this year's biggest fundraiser: StonewallPalooza at the House of Blues on Friday April 13th. 
Why We Fundraise
ALL money raised from auction goes directly back to our children in the following ways: Technology, Classroom & Library Supplies, Enhancements to our Music Program, Equipment for Advanced Fine Arts Projects, Facility Upgrades, & Enhancements to Curriculum.  This year the PTA used money raised from the last two auctions to equip each existing classroom with the same interactive screens installed in the new wing, so every student at Stonewall would benefit from new technology in 2018. ( see photo below)


Still Seeking Sponsors
We still have a handful of high profile sponsorships perfect for business looking for extra exposure or parents looking for a unique way to support the school and help underwrite this great event.  Opportunities include: Raffle, VIP Pre-Party, Welcome Drink, Taco Station, Bid Card, Kid Art sponsorships and more. Contact Leigh Maples at leighgmt@hotmail.com

For more any questions or to find out other ways to get involved, please contact Clara Sepulveda clarasepulveda@gmail.com or Amy Sack amyknappsack@yahoo.com

The Spirit Store is HIRING!
We are assembling a fun team to help process online orders and 
work upcoming events through the end of the school year.
If you are interested in helping out, please contact:
Angelique Hamilton (angelique_hamilton@tpnretail.com)
Jenny Thomas (jenny_m_thomas@apple.com)
*no experience necessary
*volunteer position, flexible schedule
*must love cotton-poly blends and tagless tees.


Don't forget to log any off-campus volunteer hours in the Front Office this week!  Any hours that you work when not signed into the computer system in the Front Office can be logged in Volunteer book at the front desk.

Any volunteer hours logged in the computer system at school will be automatically uploaded to the 
DISD Voly System.

Many many thanks to our hard working volunteers for their hard work this semester!   Our school is so amazing because of YOU!!!

Please contact Nicole Tisdale at ntizz@hotmail.com


 Don't forget to come check out our Lost and Found for any items that you might be missing.  The Lost and Found is located in the hallway outside the Cafeteria.

All items that are not retrieved from Lost and Found by the end of this week will be donated to the DISD Homeless Education Program.

Notes from Nurse Johnson
As Health Services staff we are the eyes and ears in our school community. We are responsible for individual student care, public health surveillance and reporting, prevention and management of chronic disease, and so much more. For these reasons collaboration  between Health Services staff and our public health authority is crucial. We continue to monitor and report student daily absences for each campus to Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) as a part of influenza surveillance.  
Below are a list of  links that contain excellent information and resources for schools about influenza.
2017-2018 Influenza Resources:
Patricia Johnson RN BSN
School Nurse
Stonewall Jackson Elementary School
ph. 972-749-7205
fax  972-749-7201 


Character Counts Awards:
Each 6 weeks, teachers and staff are asked to choose award winners for our Character Counts pillars.  Each winner receives a certificate and brag tag necklace.  Please congratulate the following students for demonstrating outstanding Responsibility, Respect, and Trustworthiness!
Erin Brinkman
Stonewall Jackson Elementary


Coach Nelson's Wellness Weekly
It's MOVE MONDAY! We've got a forecast keeping us in the 60's and upper 50's. That's weather we can definitely stay active outside in for the near beginning of February. Keep your active shoes by the door! Did you know accessibility is the number one encourager or detour in maintaining an active lifestyle? Keep those things that help you MOVE in your eyesight!

Tomorrow is TRY TUESDAY. Make a bucket list of things you would like to try. Ask your kids to join in with their input. Make sure to cover all the categories- experiences, foods, places. Get creative in looking around Dallas. We can get stagnant in our space and shrink our options. Try a trip to a park you haven't been to.

Wednesday is WELLNESS WEDNESDAY. Ask your kids to help make a pre-emptive list. Make a list of all the things that help us stay well. We are the models for how our kids learn to take good care of themselves. Do you know what your wellness list is? It's harder for our kids to focus on their wellness habits when we are struggling with our own!

Deaf Culture Corner
If Deaf people are signing and I need to walk in between them, what do I do?!
You don't need to limbo in between them, simply sign "excuse me" and walk right on through. Look up "excuse me" in The ASL App!  



The PASE (Parents Advocating for Student Excellence) Program by the Concilio is now in session at at JL Long Middle School. 

It is not too late to attend!

There are 2 sessions available for each week - 9AM-10:30AM and 6PM-7:30PM every Wednesday for the next 8 weeks. This is a 9 week course that is free to all. Childcare is provided. 

You can also find more information at:


Upcoming Dates to Note